The America of 1940

I was familiar with the America of United States Lines from a drawing in my only shipping book – the Dumpy Book of Ships 1956. One day on the way to school in Aden in 1965 I sawaustralisthis wonderful sight, the Australis of Chandris Line en route to Australia with British and Italian migrants. I wasn’t aware that she had changed hands so it was an unexpected treat to see her. Here is her rather glamorised post card saying she was largest single class ship in the world at the time


She was still recognisable as the old America from her transatlantic days, like a prototype for the larger and faster United States of 1952. (sorry about the tug in the way)america-16

She struggled a bit with the white hull and soon after her hull was grey, then later dark blueaustralis

Here is a summary of her history – No.633 in my database. America 1939-1994 aged 55 33961 tons, built for United States Line by Newport News at Newport News. 220.4m x 28.4m, 28.4kns 1851 passengers

West Point 1942 for US Navy

American 1946 United States Line

Australis 1964 Chandris Line

Italis 1978 Chandris Line

Noga 1984 Cia Noga

Alferdoss 1984 Silvermoon Ferries

American Star 1993 Thai Owner

Aground off Canary Islands and was wrecked.

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